Why use Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre has become a term which represents the look of the weave. This is when a panel is produced with a clear finish so that you can see the pattern of the weave in the finished product. This is ok in itself, if you like that sort of thing.

The real reason that you want your next project produced in this material are many fold.

Firstly there are many type of carbon fibre composites. The term composite is the combination of several elements, in this case the resin used and the weave material used.

Resins that can be used.

Polyester-- inexpensive moderate structural properties

Vinylester-- higher durability and improved thermal stabitlity

Epoxy-- High strength Low shinkage fully cures chemically

Look at the carbonfiberguru.com site for more complete details
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In our opnion the only resin to use is epoxy as the result is a dimensional and thermally stable part with an consistant thickness.

Types of reinforcement
These are two of the three autoclaves we have. An autoclave is a pressured oven used to cure the moulding. The use of pressure allows the production of high quality, less surface defects and a lighter stronger part by removing the excess resin from the lay-up.
This is the trim shop. To enable parts to have a consistant edge thickness we recommend that the parts at trimmed after curing. We trim by hand for short production runs and machine for long runs.
This is another view of the carbon fiber cutting machine in action. As this machine has great repeatability we can produce medium to large volume products at economical pricing.
A fully equipped inspection room, used to check the products we make come up to the supplied drawing tolerances.