We designed all our products using CAD design software, the 30's style pickup design in the picture to the left is a rendering of a 3d computer model. Using digital models any part can be made accurately either by, Cnc machining or constructing a pattern built up from sectional views taken from the model.
All our chassis components are cut using dxf files generated from the digital model. Any tubular parts are cut after bending using 5 axis cutting files generated from the model.
Any parts required in carbon fiber have a mould made from aluminium, cut using CAM software to produce cutter paths for 3 or 5 axis machine tools. The carbon parts are then made using pre-preg carbon and kevlar material cured in an autocave.

If you require a special part to be designed and produced, e-mail a brief discription of what you require Send Email
This is a video of a split I beam front suspension chassis with independant rear suspension design to have shaft as the lower suspension arm. Incomplete so far

If you require a specailly designed chassis system, e-mail a description of what you requireSend Email