A drop tube 1932 Ford chassis

built up from pressed rails and bracketed for a 9" Ford rear axle and dropped tube front axle using a mustang steering box

A traditional 1932 Ford chassis

fitted with our own front suspension system and a modified jaguar rear suspension using custom arms and uprights
Traditional chassis with a Mopar engine and transmissiion and 8.8" Mopar rear axle

32 hiboy chassis

is being reworked to take Willwood spindle and Woodward power steering, the new design will be available in 2016. The profile of the chassis is the standard 32 with pinched front rails and a high kick-up at the rear. All the body mounts have thread insert welded into the rails. Seat and Seat Belt mounting points are also fitted.
Our hotrod front suspension system (being redesigned at the moment) has been carefully designed so that the brackets show as little as possible. The geometry has been designed to suit the car wheel base and track to give the best handling.
The exhaust system runs through the chassis with a crossover pipe and side exit through a cut out in the chassis complete with a tail pipe muffler. We are working on a new rear chassis section using round tube, details will be added soon. This picture also shows the brake master cylinder mount, the driver bar and pedal mount.
  • Making a chassis for any project depends on the style and type of car you want, a "generic" chassis will not perform correctly as geometry will depend on the tyre sizing you choose for your car. E-mail for full explainationsent email
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