So you want to build a Hot Rod. You need to do some research into what the bodyshell is made from.

Not all bodyshells are the same. High quality comes from using the right materials.

Original Steel bodyshells are good,but are very difficult to repair and high level of skill is required to repair correctly. New Steel body sound good but often the panel shape and fit are not very good, this usually results in a layer of filler to correct this. Making press tooling is very expensive and normally short run pressing are made from kirksite cast steel which can wear very quickly.

Most all supercar manufactures now use epoxy resin systems reinforced with Carbon, Aramid and Glass woven materials. These materials give high strength and high stiffness and most importantly dimensional stabilty. See our "Why Carbon Fibre" page for more information. We use these materials and a full quality control system including "CMM" computer control measurement machines to ensure that our components fit correctly.

Latest 3d design from Hot Rods by Design
Rolling 32 Coupe being completed into a turn key Car
Built up from our latest 32 coupe moulds, this 32 hiboy will be at the shows in Florida in 2016 season. A new webpage will be added if we launch this product as a two stage package. A hot rod chassis package and a 32 coupe bodyshell package.